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(to be signed by the owner / director / proprietors)

To: AWD Equipment Sales Pty Ltd at 25 Garner Place, Ingleburn NSW 2565 (Registered Office)

IN CONSIDERATION of you having at my/our request agreed to supply and/or continue to supply to;


Herein called the "purchaser" 

With services from time to time WE HEREBY JOINTLY AND SEVERALLY agree with you as follows:

  1. We will be answerable and responsible to you for the due payment by the purchaser of the cost and interest charges payable for all services and/or goods so supplied by AWD Equipment Sales Pty Ltd.

  2. This agreement shall be a continuing guarantee for all payments in respect of services and/or goods so supplied to   you by the purchaser.

  3. You shall be at liberty without notice to us at any time without in any way discharging us from our liability hereunder   to grant time or other indulgence to the purchaser and accept payment form the purchaser in cash or by means   negotiable instruments and to treat us in all respects as though we were jointly and severally liable with the purchase   to you instead of being merely surety for the purchaser.

  4. We declare this guarantee irrevocable and not influenced by a change in constitution of the purchaser. 





By submitting this form I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct at the date of application and I accept the trade credit terms and terms and condition of sale.

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