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Forklift Service


Professional Forklift Service

Businesses that use storage at height require machinery to manage goods effectively. Warehouses and similar operations employ the use of forklifts to store and remove items for distribution safely. Forklifts eliminate the need for hazardous and cumbersome components such as ladders and scaffolding. However, since it is a machine, forklifts undergo wear and tear similar to a car. For this reason, it’s essential to conduct a professional forklift service. Consequently, your business remains operational without delays and time-wasting. AWD is an Australian company that provides capital equipment sales, parts, and services to businesses across the country.


That Requires Forklift Repairs in Melbourne

When you consider the work and pressure you place on a forklift, it will inevitably break down without proper maintenance. If your business relies on this equipment, a Crown forklift service is non-negotiable. Occasional damage from daily work may result in hydraulic, mechanical, or electrical faults. It’s advisable to stay ahead of the issues to prevent downtime and avoid safety challenges. These are some of the signs that demonstrate your forklift requires repairs.  


  • Forklifts aren’t mechanically complex, but they contain several operational parts. Older forklifts usually manifest mechanical issues through dysfunction while in use. You might find that the lift mechanism seized up momentarily, the forklift becomes sluggish, or the steering may become erratic. It’s advisable to address these issues immediately instead of allowing them to develop into a serious problem.  

  • Similar to a car, the battery is the heartbeat of the vehicle providing critical power. As you would expect, older batteries are less reliable, so if you experience hurdles relating to power, the battery is usually to blame. To continue operating safely and efficiently, you should invest in forklift battery repair. 

  • Forklift tyres are always under the pressure of various loads and operating in specific environments may speed up the process of wearing out. If you discover uneven wear on the tyres, it could be the consequence of an imbalanced load. This type of wear can affect the wheel axis and traction, which makes it unsafe to operate.  

  • The electrical components on a forklift undergo similar conditions to the tyres in that it is continuously operational. When electrical faults result in breakdowns on site, it affects productivity and delays the completion of a project. There aren’t apparent signs that the electrical system is failing, highlighting the need for a mobile forklift service. During the service, we can inform you of potential issues that we can repair before it develops into a problem.  



Crown Forklifts Service

Imagine you’re trying to fulfil an order for a major client, and in the middle of picking out palettes and loading them onto a truck, the forklift breaks down. You go from a well-drilled operation to a complete mess because the forklift isn’t working. Apart from having to ask your staff to load the palettes manually, you have a backlog of work for other clients and which can affect your revenue stream.  


  • Servicing your forklift regularly protects your equipment but, perhaps more importantly, your business. When forklifts are in top condition, they work efficiently by moving more loads and assisting in clearing your work schedule. Mobile forklift services are critical for speedy order fulfilment, which creates the kind of reputation you require for your operation.  

  • Being reactive instead of proactive is a costly strategy to adopt. When you find a professional to provide forklift repairs in Brisbane, they can identify potential faults in the system before they manifest into breakdowns. Consequently, adhering to a proper service schedule costs far less than replacing worn-out parts after a breakdown. The problem is, when you neglect specific issues in a mechanical object, it affects other parts and causes severe damage.  

  • Safety is a significant factor in every business. It’s your responsibility to ensure proper measures to assist your employees in their work environment. Forklifts are a major aspect in providing a safe space to work in, which is why servicing them falls under the banner of occupational health and safety. When you adhere to a service schedule, you can have peace of mind knowing that your operation is safe and running well.  

  • Forklifts themselves are significant investments in your business. You should treat it as such and maintain them accordingly. Servicing these machines increases their longevity which translates to savings for the operation. The alternative is that you allow the machine to break down without repairing or servicing it, meaning you have to invest in a new forklift.  

  • If you have a fleet of forklifts, engaging with a company that provides forklift services increases the capacity of your business. Consequently, you can take on more projects without the concern of the forklifts breaking down during an operation.  


Forklift Maintenance

Apart from the benefits you enjoy with regular servicing and forklift repairs, you should educate your team about caring for the machinery to increase its longevity. These are some of the steps you can take to ensure the machine runs correctly.  


  • You should implement daily inspections at the start of the day to find potential issues such as faulty brakes or leaky hoses. This habit ensures that your forklift is safe for your employees to use before commencing the day's work. The best way to enforce this is to develop a standardised checklist that addresses several areas of concern. Some of the elements to inspect include tyre pressure and condition, seat belt function, fluid levels, forks and overhead guards. 

  • It’s imperative to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. The general service guidelines suggest an oil change every three months while general services should take place after 250 hours of use, 500 hours of use, and 1,000 hours of use. Ensuring you replace spark plugs, filters, and drive train servicing on time helps avoid more extensive problems and a forklift repair that costs time and money.  

  • Forklift tyres can wear out quickly, especially if it traverses the same route around a building. The repetitive motion can cause the tyres to wear out on one side. Additionally, they can deflate, spring leaks, and lose their tread. Employees should visually inspect tyres daily as part of the checklist.  

  • Cleaning a forklift does more than merely improve its aesthetics. The build-up of combustible materials such as lint can cause severe damage to components. We recommend weekly cleaning where you blow out the radiator, wipe down the dirty elements, and change dirty filters.  




We’ve been providing capital equipment sales, parts and service support to businesses across Australia since 1998. Since then, we’ve developed a reputation as one of the leading names in the industry with branches located in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. We have purpose-built workshops with on-site service vans with our authorised parts and service agents throughout the country. We sell products that we’ve engineered to meet local requirements, especially the harsh conditions.  


We continuously consult our customer base to obtain direct feedback about our products and services, which allows us to tweak our offering to a level of excellence. The in-house engineering team builds on client input to create physical solutions for businesses from various industries. Since our team possesses the essential knowledge about the industry, we’re in the best place to offer you practical and professional advice.  


Contact us if you require more information about our products and services.  

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