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Genie Scissor Lift


Genie Scissor Lift to Work at Heights

Our Genie scissor lift is the ideal option when you want equipment that keeps you safe and allows you to do your job with precision. You should never have to take chances when working high above the ground, and with our lifts, you do not have to. Choose AWD for all your capital equipment needs.


When Using Our Genie EWP

While there are certainly other ways to accomplish your work at elevations far above the ground, we believe that scissor lifts are one of the best options. Consider the following reasons we believe you should get a Genie scissor lift for sale from our team: 


  • Scissor lifts help you increase your productivity. They are simple to use, which saves you time on the job, and they are incredibly stable, which adds additional safety. Whether you want to move things from the ground to higher levels or want to use the platform when cleaning windows or painting, a scissor lift will help you do it all faster. 

  • Scissor lifts are a much safer option. There is no denying that heavy lifting and working at heights can cause injury. Scissor lifts allow you to minimise the risk of injury when doing either of these jobs. 

  • Scissor lifts come in a variety of options. Based on your unique requirements, there will be a scissor lift you can use. These different options accommodate your requirements for overall size, maximum height, and manoeuvrability. 



Most Value from Your Genie Lifts

Even though these lifts are simple to use, you should always remember best practice for safety reasons and to get more value out of the lifts themselves. Here are some ways in which you can maximise your lift’s potential: 


  • Keep a proper maintenance schedule and keep to it. As with any other machines, there comes a time when you must service it to make sure everything runs as intended. You should consider getting maintenance at least once every 13 months for optimal results. 

  • Always conduct inspections before you use the lift for extended periods of time. If you always conduct inspections before using your lifts, you minimise the chances of a minor problem going unnoticed and turning into something that could lead to injury. Make a brief checklist of things you should keep an eye on, and quickly run through them before letting anyone on the lift. 

  • Double-check to make sure the worksite is free of potential hazards that could compromise the lift. These hazards include things such as unstable surfaces, potholes, low ceilings, ditches, overhead power lines, high winds, and so on. Ensuring the environment around your scissor and boom lifts in Brisbane is safe can go a long way. 



Genie in Brisbane

AWD has actively helped our clients get reliable machinery since 1998. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we have learned much that improved the quality of our services. We have a national reputation for quality and can serve you from our workshops in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. If you cannot get to our workshops, we can always point you in the direction of reliable service agents and dealers.


Our primary concern is to help our customers get machines that they can trust. We provide a wide range of products from lifts to lighting towers to earthmoving equipment. We do not only sell it, but we can also help you repair it should you run into problems.


Call us today and let our team assist you with the high-quality lifts you need.

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