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JLG Brisbane


Extensive Range of Equipment from JLG in Brisbane

You can always trust JLG in Brisbane to deliver high quality equipment and machines to help ease your workload, and you can find a wide range of options right here. We only stock and sell brands we trust and brands we can help you maintain. Choose AWD when you need lifts, and you will never need another team again.


Equipment from JLG in Perth 

Consider the following products we can provide in addition to our scissor lifts if you want JLG machinery in Perth : 


  • If you need a little more manoeuvrability when working at heights, why not consider our JLG boom lifts? These operate with a hydraulic arm that allows you to get into the tricky spots with ease. 

  • We can also supply you with JLG man lifts. These lifts have a bendable arm that makes them ideal for a wide variety of angles when working at heights. 

  • To help you work with more clarity, we have JLG lighting towers available. These towers will make sure your worksite has all the visibility it needs while you focus on the job. 



About Your JLG Sydney Lift and Its Pre-Use Inspection

As a usage precaution, we recommend that all our clients always conduct a brief inspection on their JLG lifts in Sydney before using it on the job. To provide additional clarity, here are some of the things you should consider during your inspection: 


  • Always check all your fluid levels before using the lift. These fluids include your oils, fuels, coolants, and hydraulics. If you notice any leaks, it is best not to use the machine until you have repaired the leaks and made sure the machine is no longer faulty. 

  • Double-check your tyres to prevent spontaneous deflation or, worse, bursting. Make sure all your tyres have the correct PSI before using the lift and that none of the tyres shows any signs of severe degradation. These signs would include cracks on the tyres, bubbles on the side of the tyres, or shallow treads. 

  • Make sure there is no difficulty when trying to use the steering or brakes. Since you will rely heavily on these two systems during the usage of your lift, it is best to make sure they run optimally. Errors with these two systems can quickly lead to injury and expensive damages, so do not skip over its inspection. 



Cost-Effective Solution for JLG in Sydney 

With a wide range of products for JLG in Sydney available that we can also repair for you, you will always have access to a one-stop-shop for your height-based equipment. We have an established reputation across Australia and a history of satisfied clients. If you ever have any questions for our team, we would love to provide the answers, so do not hesitate to reach out to us. 


The next time you want reliable height-based machines, remember the name AWD. Call us today and get professional assistance with your future height-based machines. 

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